Hello everyone,

So I have a quick question. Back when there was something written by BoFen and it was called codegenie and I have a copy of it and i've been using it with some success. What I'd like to know is are there any good api spies that generate information like this:

ShellTrayWnd& = FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", vbNullString)
Button& = FindWindowEx(ShellTrayWnd&, 0&, "Button", vbNullString)

because I'm not too sure, how you could determine the buttons. For instance.

The run dialog, it has 3 buttons. OK, CANCEL and Browse. If i'm dealing with multiple buttons, lets say 7 buttons as follows:


how can I single out one specific button? For instance: Only targeting PING button, how would I be able to do so?


Not so much, but what I am looking for is an API spy. Better yet, is there a way to do this in or with pinvoke?

Child& = FindWindow("#32770", vbNullString)
Button& = FindWindowEx(Child&, 0&, "Button", vbNullString)
For i& = 1& To 2&
    Button& = FindWindowEx(Child&, Button&, "Button", vbNullString)
Next i&

Is there a method that I can use this in pinvoke to find a button? And, use a gettext call to determine which caption I am over?

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