I'm wanting to get into software development specifically for the aerospace industry (but its not a must). I'm lookin to start building projects as part of my portfolio using a raspberry pi or aurduino and to either scratch build or programming an existing drone.
I gave a small amount of programming background from doing occasional web development I'm just struggling to decide which language to use on my projects and ensure that I can make a career of this.
I'm torn between Java, c and python at the moment.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated , thanks.

All of them will benefit you depending on what you want to do...

For embedded systems (from my very little experience with it all), Java seems to be king, since they have a ton of code already out there to support various hardware configurations. If you write in C/C++, you will get the best performance - but that comes at likely having to write your own memory and cpu controllers (unless you find some that are preconfigured that you can use). Python has a lot of support as well, and is a big player in the maker community - it may work well for what you are looking to do.

However, if you are going with a Raspberry Pi or similar, I think they also have their own proprietary language for handling the communications of the microprocessor. Truth be told, I would love to do a lot of what you are looking into. If you ever find good resources please share!

This stack exchange article will also give you a bit more insight -- they seem to think C/C++ is the route to go:

I think the pi uses python.