DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn  Checking Issue

I added a DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn to My Data Grid
Dim DesChkBox As New DataGridViewCheckBoxColumn
DesChkBox.Name = "chbSelect"
DesChkBox.HeaderText = "Select"
DesChkBox.TrueValue = True
DesChkBox.FalseValue = False
DesChkBox.Width = 50
grdView.ReadOnly = False
grdView.AutoGenerateColumns = False
grdView.RowHeadersWidth = 5

And through a procedure I want to check the Check Box programmatically.
Private Sub prcDefaultSelection()
grdView.Rows(0).Cells(3).Value = True
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
End Sub
The Check Box is not Checking. Please help me.

Have you tried referring to the datagrid column by name in case it is not cell(3):

grdView.Rows(0).Cells("chbSelect").Value = True

If you prefer to use the column number, please remember that the first column is usually Cells(0). You may already know that but I am trying the obvious answers first :)