I have a website ( http://www.rhstrack.com ) and one of the features on the site is a bio of some of the runners on the team ( http://www.rhstrack.com/?id=roster ). I have found that, the way I have it right now, it just takes to much time to do. Currently, athletes go to http://www.rhstrack.com/bioform.php and fill that out. The info is then e-mailed to me and I put in the info into a template like page.
I am thinking maybe I can make a script that will automatically create a page (perferrably an html page) and will put the information where it needs to be. My first question is PHP the right script to use? Or am I looking for JavaScript? I figure PHP can get the job done.
My second question is, how would I go about doing this? I figure that the form will store the information as strings and then I will display those strings in the right place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

you are looking for php and mysql. You would have one page that receives a variable for the unique id for each row in your table and presents the dude's data.

The bioform shoves the data into the database and sends you an email saying "Relax, I took care of everything for you.".