Hello. I always use the same way to open an excel file (the same one that the one wich is used by another person in this topic: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/thread26473.html). But to create... there are problems. Let's see...

To generate an Excel file...

1) If I use the method based in

Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-excel"

I get an "odd" excel file:

-Without visible lines among cells.
-It's only html code. I can't open this with the usual method from ASP. I can open it in this way if previously, I manually save the file marking the type as "excel book" (or similar), but not as "web file".
-I can't do an important thing: the fact that when you write in an excel cell, if the text is too long, it doesn't care, because the cell don't grow to have it. In this case, the cell and all the column will grow in width to adapt to the longest text, and if I try to fix it with the property "width" of the "<td>", the cell will grow vertically to show the text.

2) If I use the metod based in OWC (a better method I think, with a more "normal" result), I don't know how to do two things. Please, if someone know them, tell me them.

-How can I fix the size of a column or a cell?
-How can I do that a text fits two or more columns?

And that's all. I also would know if I can insert images, in both methods.