Hi everyone,
Well I have developed a site in PHP and now I want it make live. While talking to the hosting company, they have asked about the server configuration that I want.
But actually I don't have any knowledge about hosting the website. So can anyone tell me the best server configuration in which my cms site can run?

Sorry about posting this thread in this category because I really don't know where to post it. So guys please help me..........and reply me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance

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What are the choices you have for the server configuration?

You have not specified much,
but still i will give some important points
1. Atleast 3 to 4 times the web space currently your site uses. 0.5 GB should do.
2. Unlimited Bandwidth
3. since it is php, it depends on what all you are using or plan to use, like the number of database offered, curl, gd, sockets, cpanel, sendmail, .htaccess, etc.
4. Subdomains
5. also the version of php and MySQL

Your CMS must also be giving its requirements.
And there is more.


Hi Vinayak,
Thanks alot for your answer. Well you have asked me to specify more. What else should specify more about my site. So that it would be clear to recommend me the configuration. Actually I have no idea about this. So, please tell me in details as if you have to configure server for your site. Thankyou

hi reibi
if u really mean "Server" for just getting ur site a live i wont recomended that since the server is very complicated for the first start to work with..

but if u interested in making first step just u can use the web hosting plans
shared or dedicated they are cheap ,will configured to run ur site smoothly
and easier than starting with "server -if u mean server-"

i m very sure at this moment u will find ur self in web hosting plans

Hello reibi
since you are going for web hosting for first time. And most probably it would be a shared host (i wont name anyone). I'll advice you that first try out a "Free" php web host for testing and experimenting with your site. That way you will know your requirements better, and you wont regret spending money on useless.

2 best free web host available are "Zymic.com" and "000webhost.com".

But if your requirement is urgent, then you may go straightaway with a paid host.

(You wont believe that some free host offer better features than paid ones.)

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