Hey guys , I am curently fallen in an adverse situation . I am at the end of my website and this situation occurs as follows:-

I got 2 tables named "userdata" and "userresult" such that when user registers himself to the site , his information is inserted to both the tables . now , the login section of the website uses userdata page and then stores the "mail" column of userdata in session["mail"] .at the end of my exam website , i want to store the result of the exam undertaken by the user in "userresult" table and i m following this code --

 cmdd.CommandText = "update userresult set asp_beginner= " + final.ToString() + "where mail = " + Session["mail"].ToString()";

here "final" stores the result

and i m getting this error :

The multi-part identifier "dean@gmail.com" could not be bound.
here dean@gmail.com is the email id of the user stored in both the tables .

please help friends as soon as possible .

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it worked as you said sir ! very very thnks a lot . (i m happy)

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