When to use MVC Framework in ASP.NET or it can be as flexible like Custom Programming in ASP.NET?

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MVC is just as powerful as ASP.NET Web forms. It is simply an alternative pattern for coding against. Personally I prefer it to the event driven, to far abstraced web forms method.

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So let's say, I need to create something like a information system, of course its complicated MVC can handle it easily than the customed programming in ASP.NET web forms?

I just started trying some tutorials in the site I felt it's so bounded and not as flexible as you were doing it from scratch. Slow development I am pretty much sure what I am coding, I know the meaning of what I code. In MVC there are a lot of generated code or I am judging the framework too early?

You don't have to use any of the scaffolding code that is generated by Visual Studio. You can write it all from the ground up if you like. The generated code is there to make development faster.

Model binding, Validation, Annotations all make development very fast with MVC while leaving you the ability to customize anything you want. The MVC framework is so well abstracted that if you take the time to learn the ins and outs you can replace anything you need to.

I like MVC because it gets me close to the bare metal of html while offering a pattern that is easy to work with speeds up my programming.

I think if you gave it some time, especially since you like programming from scratch, you will come to like it. I would program a couple small projects from start to finish.