I have an MVC4 website set up in IIS 7.5. When I browse the website using my computer's IP address from a computer within my network, it works. But the website does not load when accessed from outside of the network.

I have a router and set up port forwarding on port 80 (also tried with others but I'll stick with this for the question), to forward to my PC's IP address. Also allowed incoming TCP requests on port 80 in my firewall.

In IIS 7.5 I am using the default website with the default bindings, which include a binding for port 80, all unassigned IP addresses and no hostname.

Locally I can browse my website using this address:
Local PC IP -xxx.xxx.x.xxx/LBSPrototype1

Since I forwarded port 80 to my local PC, shouldn't I be able to access my website from outside of the network using:
Router IP - xxx.xxx.x.x/LBSPrototype1

Or alternatively if I use a different port:
Router IP - xxx.xxx.x.x:PORT/LBSPrototype1

I don't know what I am doing wrong, any ideas as to what I might have left out? I'm assuming that the problem is within IIS 7.5. I even tried disabling my firewall and still get the same result.

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But the website does not load when accessed from outside of the network.

I think you might will need a static IP address?

If your IP is static, you may need to configure your local network to accept incoming traffic go to the port(s).

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