I have a VB.NET application that has a site.master with a navigation menu in landscape format.
In my default.aspx I have a multiview component. When I select the second view in my multiview the navigation menu momentarily changes to portrait format and then back to landscape format.
Ideally, I would like my navigation menu to remain in landscape orientation, or even supress the refresh of the site.master page. I don't know what is causing the component to perform the orientation change at run time so if any one knows what could be causing this, I would appreciate a reply.

Re: Navigation Menu automatically orientates 80 80

To supress the refresh, try with an UpdatePanel once.. so that the required part updates, and the width size will not change

Re: Navigation Menu automatically orientates 80 80

I beleive that I had a similar experience two occassion. Both times with menus. On one occassion it was with a horizontal menu and the other with a vertical menu.

If I understand you correctly, when the page refreshes, it appears that there is a delay in applying appropriate style. I assume that your navigation menu is created using an unordered list. You may be using an asp.net control, but the HTML renders as <ul>. Take a look at this thread that I submitted on this site:


I think the problem has to do with the delay in fetching the required CSS/JavaScript back from the web server via the webResource.axd.

here is an article I found that describes the function of this resource file. http://scottonwriting.net/sowblog/archive/2010/10/28/just-where-is-webresource-axd.aspx

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