Hi, I have a question about web hosting. I want to purchase a hosting package from web.com, and they have mysql database. But the web hosting package says i can only have 300mb, but the issue is theres a 25 in front of the 300mb, it looks like this 25 (300mb). What does the 25 mean? I have called the company and they said they have no idea, and transfered me to 3 people that had no idea. Maybe someone out there can tell me. The website link is this http://www.web.com/hosting/unixfeatures.aspx at the bottom of the page.

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I'm going to take a guess and say it is the number of databases that you can in the MySQL instance. I suppose the 300mb is the storage space for each database. If that was the case, it is horrible in my opinion, and I would shop around. Heck, I would shop around if the company couldn't even explain their plans to me.

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