i want to know some details About flash webdesigning

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Well I guess you could start by Googling for some Flash tutorials? ;)

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Well I guess you could start by Googling for some Flash tutorials? ;)

so... soap box moment... using flash as your only method of displaying information is probably not a good idea. While it is now pretty much all over the place, I know for a fact windows phones will cause you problem, and Im pretty sure iOS may cause you some grief too.

However, flash is good as a suppliment for your site, and creating dynamic content or games.

If that is your plan, you need to get Adobe's Flash developer tools (aka, Flash Professional CC, or any of the prior CS versions...).

I am under the impression that creative cloud now has it bundled.

Once you get into the developer studio, you have many toys and options to play with, and there is even some export tools that will make a page that showcases the flash applet on the page.

As suggested above, you can easily google "Flash tutorial" and you can make it more specific from there. You are bound to find many, and much more than you will ever want to know.

Good luck!


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