I'm using following code for searching and replacing :

preg_match_all("/\{$WSCPAGELINK([^\}]*)\NAV}/U", $pageHtmlBody, $Matches);

and this works fine with php version older than 4.3.3.

But in new PHP version i'm getting this error:

Warning: Compilation failed: PCRE does not support \L, \l, \N, \P, \p, \U, \u, or \X at offset 21

If i add 2 extra slashes just before NAV:
preg_match_all("/\{$WSCPAGELINK([^\}]*)\\\NAV}/U", $pageHtmlBody, $Matches);

this does not give any error messages, but now i'm not getting any result.

Basically, i want all the contents appearing in between {$WSCPAGELINK and NAV}.

Pls help

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