Hi, i want to make a website and host it for free. can anyone help me?? i really need it
Thanks in advance

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If you want someone to do this for you, you may consider posting in the Business Exchange category.

Other than that since you are a new member you may not be aware but it's not likely you are going to get free help with such a posting. We generally expect that a member provides sample code, error messages, more detailed information about specifically what help is needed, etc..

The "hi..can you do this for me.." Isn't going to go very far aside from a lot of downvotes on you postings.


There are two parts to your question

"I want to make a website"


"host it for free"

The second part is much more specific, therefore easier. You should start with a Google search for "free website hosting". That should turn up quite a few of them. Please understand, the reason they are "free" is because they are going to use your website to host a bunch of advertisements. I can recommend www.bravenet.com; I have used them in the past, and never had a problem

The first question is something you will need to provide a little clarity. "Make a website" can mean anything. You need to start asking yourself: what do I want my website to be able to do? Who is the intended audience for this website? What do I want them to be able to do at this website?

Hope this helps


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