Hello Friends and Good people,
I am a complete newbie in the world of web-development, especially in the backend.
I am building an online booking system as part of my project, but there are a few thing I need explained to me before I get the things right. I have noticed, from what I have gon ethrough so far, that php is important in form processing. That, I am well aware of an I have implemented.
Now, I need to know what If I want to change some elements in my site which are not in the form tag. For instance, I created a section called destinations and want to load a number of destinations on page load. How do I do that?
Also, I need to create a a way in which when a person clicks a destination, he/she is automatically directed to the hotels sections where if he/she again can choose a hotel and when he/she select the hotel, it directs him immediately to the booking page while still holding the data of destination and hotel.

Please help as soon as you can.


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Back to HTML 101? You select the destinations, wrap the graphic and text for it in <A href=where_to_go>...</A>, generating a dynamic <TABLE> of destinations in whatever geometry you desire. Make the graphics adjust width to a reasonable % for the column count. Essentially the same thing for hotels at the destination, linking to their booking page.

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