Hello Friends and Good people,
I am a complete newbie in the world of web-development, especially in the backend.
I am building an online booking system as part of my project, but there are a few thing I need explained to me before I get the things right. I have noticed, from what I have gon ethrough so far, that php is important in form processing. That, I am well aware of an I have implemented.
Now, I need to know what If I want to change some elements in my site which are not in the form tag. For instance, I created a section called destinations and want to load a number of destinations on page load. How do I do that?
Also, I need to create a a way in which when a person clicks a destination, he/she is automatically directed to the hotels sections where if he/she again can choose a hotel and when he/she select the hotel, it directs him immediately to the booking page while still holding the data of destination and hotel.

Please help as soon as you can.


Back to HTML 101? You select the destinations, wrap the graphic and text for it in <A href=where_to_go>...</A>, generating a dynamic <TABLE> of destinations in whatever geometry you desire. Make the graphics adjust width to a reasonable % for the column count. Essentially the same thing for hotels at the destination, linking to their booking page.