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I have a Sony Vaio SVE1511C5E which turns on and off, an endless loop. I tried everything to find out the reason. Finally I got the BIOS IC out, put it into a reader and tried to update the BIOS, however, there is no .bin file to programm the IC …

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Plz someone help. I have a sony vaio and has stopped loading and every time i go to repair it. it dosent load and when it does it just searches for promblems and other else it stays like that for hours. i have even tryed to start it in all …

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Hello Computer gurus!!! i have a problem with my vaios wifi switch, its well broken the light is off even when its switched to the on position and none of my wireless networks are working ive been forced to use a realy long ethernet cable ITS DRIVING MY CRAZY!!! so …

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Dear Sir/Madam, Yesterday my laptop won't boot and there was no battery indication even if I plugged in my A/C adapter, even with my normale battery (charged, i think). It wouldn't boot, does someone know how I can fix this? I heard it could be fixed with an power board …

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Hi, My Sony Vaio is dead, it doesn´t start anymore. I surfed on internet last night and today in the morning it doesn´t start up. Nothing on screen, no led, no sound, no..nothing. I tried everything, plugged with battery, unplugged with battery, plugged without battery, removed and reinserted the ram …

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I'm trying to reinstall Windows XP on a friends Sony VGN-FS620/W. The keyboard is not working, I can't even boot to BIOS because the keyboard isn't recognized. I have a clean formatted disk, no OS installed. I tried to install DOS 7.10 from the CD/DVD ROM drive which still works, …

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hi! yesterday night, i tried setting my computer on hybernate so i pressed the power button. when i pressed the button again, this morning, it turned green (which is normal) but the computer didnt start. (??) I have a Sony Vaio VPCEE25f X/BI My OS is Windows 7 what i …

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Hi, Have a Sony Vaio laptop running windows 7 that wont boot, comes up with an error message bad_windows_config then a whole heap of zeros with 74 (and other numbers but flashes too quick to see them) Specs are: Sony Vaio laptop F Series - VPCF115FG Intel Core i5-520M Processor …

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I have unfortunately dropped my sony vaio from about a foot and a half and now it won't start. When I press the power button the LEDs go on, something clunks around a bit (as you can tell I dont know what I'm talking about), but that’s it. No fan, …

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