sony vaio laptop VGN CR407E

hello everyone! i've joined this website for the sole purpose of getting answers to fixing my laptop. for any info/help, i thank you in advance.

so this is the story: opening an email from a legit website (intercontinental hotels group), then my computer suddenly freezes.

NOTE: my norton antivirus subscription expired a few days ago, and i have never made a back up disc due to i never had one around (i know that's not a good excuse, im paying for it now.)

so with no way to restart the laptop, i pull the battery out and turn it back on. the screen shows windows error recovery and i've tried all the options.

in safe mode, it loads all the drivers and stops at:


and then a blue screen shows:

STOP: c0000218 {registry file failure}
the registry cannot load the hive (file):
or its log or alternate.
it is corrupt, absent, or not writable.

collecting data for crash dump...
initializing disk for crash dump...
beginning dump of physical memory.

im no computer expert but apparently something is corrupted.

what do i do from there?

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I am guessing that this is Windows Vista? I know it's in the Vista forum, but I just want to make sure before I give you steps that won't work. :)


I wanted to make sure you were running Vista because the steps on how to fix this in Vista are different from XP. Vista does not have a Recovery Console. I forget the name of the tool that replaced it.

The problem is a corrupted SOFTWARE Hive. The software hive is a part of the registry that contains all the information about the installed software on the machine.

Solution 1: Restore the system from backup. (most people don't have one)

Solution 2: If you have all of your data backed up, you can always reformat & reinstall the OS. This is sometimes referred to as a system restore or reset to factory defaults on some OEM systems (DELL, HP, SONY). Generally involves booting from a supplied repair or restore disc.

Solution 3: If you have access to another Windows Vista machine, you can create a BartPE boot disk.


I have used that tool to fix many a broken Windows machine. Essentially you are using the BartPE to boot into a Windows environment so you can back up your data to a network location or USB drive.

Once you data is backed up, you should then perform a clean install or system restore of your system.

There is a 4th option if you don't have access to another Windows Vista machine. It is a really long and really nasty process that ultimately ends up with "once you have backed up your data, do a format and reinstall or restore of your system."

Do a google search for more information on that option:

STOP c0000218

Most of the articles you will find will be about Windows XP, but it's nearly the same steps. If you are interested in the 4th option, I can help more once I get home. I don't remember all the menus and don't have a Vista machine near me to test with.


well fortunately, there's a second laptop in my household with windows vista.

so all i have to do is create that bartPE cd? the instructions talk about windows XP. will this really work for Vista?


It should work for Vista. I can test it myself when I get home and let you know so you don't have to worry about messing up your second machine if it doesn't work.

The BartPE is only so you can save your data. It will not, by itself fix the error.


well unfortunately.. i need a windows vista installation disc, which i dont have and did not come with my laptop.

but you're saying it will be able to save the files on my laptop?


It should be able to. I'll test it tonight to make sure it works with Vista.

You should be able to contact SONY to get a system restore CD or DVD as well.


It appears that PEBuilder cannot create a Windows Vista disc. I don't have a Windows XP machine at home anymore, but if you have one you can try making the disc that way.

Short of that, perhaps you can try to copy your files by hooking the HDD up to another machine.


hi am selom from ghana.
i dont know the operating system you are using but please dont be afraid.
now if u are using xp,get the xp build cd.thus if service pack two etc . place this xp disc into your computers drive and boot from the cd.now u get an option asking you to press any key to boot from the cd.
press any key.xp loads and gets to a point where it will ask u to choose an option,thus for recovery.now press the enter key or return key to continue.you will be asked to press f8 ,do that.after that you get a screen displaying the type of operating system you have on your machine.you will be prompted to press R for repairs.press R for the recovery to begin.
with this type u dont get to loose your data and setting.

if u are using vista,write back to me so we see what to do

have fun and get back to me when you are through.

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