I'm new to forums but have a major problem with my Sony Vaio. It is just out of it's 3 year extended warranty and it crashed one day. I tried to close down the program and even pressed Alt+Del+F4 but it would not respond so I pressed and held the power on button. When I tried to restart the laptop, the Vaio sign came on and the start up sound played then the screen goes blank but for a blinking cursor in the upper left hand corner. I tried removing the battery and power supply to run it down but still no joy.
I brought it to PC world and the TechGuys discharged the computer but still no joy. I even tried running the recovery disc that came with the computer but it did not recognise that. It says "Starting VAIO system recovery Utility. Powered by Windows..." Then "Please wait" and then a blue screen with an arrow then a window pops up saying "Cannot use this utility for your computer. Confirm the model type". When I click on ok, it just restarts. I brought it back to the Tech Guys who thought it may be the RAM (but I have not changed that at all) or the software.
Anyone have any ideas about what is wrong or what I should do?

If all fails, I am now wondering if I should go for the Dell XPS 13.3 or the MacBook - I have never used a mac before though. Any thoughts on that? I would rather get my Sony moving again so I can at least retrieve my data from it.
Thanks in advance!

start by taking the hard drive out and taking it to the tech guys and see if they can recover the data ,this will also tell you the harddrive is the source of you problem,you say you never touched the ram ,it may be bad ,ram can go bad ,you would need to have a stick of same type ram to put in ad try it to know if its the ram.

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