I would like to apologize to everyone who received multiple and malformed newsletters this month. There were some major mail server issues going on ... the first of which being I was trying to send out 150,000 emails over SMTP, and the majority of them were being dropped. Unfortunately ... I had no way of knowing exactly which ones were being dropped and which ones went through. So I transferred the ones in the queue that hadn't yet reached the mail server over to qmail locally. However, I didn't realize that linux qmail and the SMTP protocol treat newlines differently. Therefore, that resulted in qmail sending out malformed newsletters. You see, qmail stores each message with the first X lines being the header, then a blank line, followed by the message. With extra line breaks, there was no way of knowing where the header ended and where the message began. Now, of course, it took me sending the newsletter out about 5 times to half of everyone (different people each time) to realize all of these problems. That said ... it's been a LONG night.

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Hehe, it looks like you had your tech problems, but tech is always like that: a learning experience. Now you know for next time!

Oh and I only got like 2 messages: a perfectly fine one, and then about 6 hours later a malformed message.

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