ok, I am trying to setup an ftp server using IIS 6.0 on Windows Server. But I can't seem to figure out how to get it configured to allow me to set user names and passwords for individual users to access over the internet. I want to set an individual folder for each user inside the root folder so that each user only has access to his/her folder. However, I can't seem to do this. All I can find in the documentation is how to set it up using individual workgroups on my local network. If someone could tell me how to configure this to work as an ftp server accessible over the internet, please help me. Thanks.

Hi, theres a few things you need to configure to get this working:

1) Under IIS, go to 'FTP Site', and right-click on 'default FTP'
- click on properties
- check the IP address is the IP address of your server
- under 'Security Accounts' tab, untick 'Allow anonymous Connections' (unless you want people to anonymously access your server through FTP)
- Under 'Home Directory' tab, change local path to c:\websites (explained in lower section) - tick boxes - 'read', 'write', 'log visist'
- OK to agree to all

Create a folder on your local drive. As above (for example), call 'websites', so c:\websites

below c:\websites, create a folder called 'localuser' - so it c:\websites\localuser

Create a new local user - eg., John - (assign a password too!!)

Create a folder call 'john' under 'localuser' folder- c:\websites\localuser\john

Use ftp to connect to the server IP address - eg.,

when login box appears, type in 'john' username and password.

Use the same format to setup new accounts for each user, and a separate folder with the same name as the user's account name.

Post a reply if you're still having problems!!