We have a Windows Server 2003 machine set up with Exchange 6.5. We have around 10 users set up to be able to logon to the server, and up until now, all have had "user@domain.com" e-mail addresses associated with their account that were linked to Exchange mailboxes. In the "E-mail Addresses" tab of each user, it would list their "user@domain.com" e-mail and then list out "user@domain.local" and then an X.400 entry.

Well, now I've run into a problem. One of our users is working remotely, so all he needs to be able to do is login to the server, but not keep an Exchange mailbox associated with him. So I deleted him from our POP3 connector that pulls his e-mail from our domain's e-mail server, so e-mails sent to him now stay on the domain's e-mail server. That works fine, but when any of our local users send an e-mail to him (user@domain.com), it doesn't get through. There are no errors, the e-mail just doesn't show up in his webmail. I think it's because our local server is seeing that we are sending to user@domain.com and it still thinks it needs to send that mail to a local mailbox or something. How do I check to make sure the e-mails going to him are being sent outside our local server and not going into a mailbox?

[edit] Oh yeah, when I pull up his name in Outlook and go to the "E-mail Addresses" tab, it is showing user@domain.com corrently, but is also still showing "smtp:user@domain.local" and the X400 entry for some reason, even though I deleted those off his user account. What gives there?

couple questions:

why are you still using POP3 if you have an exchange server? Have you redirected your webhost to point to your servers?

Also, do you know how to configure Exchange to allow for web-connections? This could solve your problem, as the mail would be coming into exchange. Once you switch the settings back you could show them how to connect via the web.

Also, setting up a VPN on their machine would work. If you did that they could setup their Outlook just like they were in the office and pull the emails from your server.

As for the sending internally problem, I'm confused about that too. I actually just logged on to research this and see if anyone had an answer. We haven't switched all of our branches to the new Exchange server yet, and since we have multiple domains, I think our email too isn't getting outside of the local network. =(

had something slightly different to do - wanted our UPS to send sms messages to me if there was a failure. all it can do is send an email to the exchange server account. so I added a distrib group, to which
I added an external addy, which is the email of the ipipi.com sms service. maybe you should remove your user from the exchange server at all, and any mail directed to him internally redirect in the same way I mentioned to the specific remote address