Dear all,

this's the first time I communicate in this forum. I don't know whether or not I am right to post my thread in this sub-forum, networking.

My PC is unable to log on several sites, two of which are yahoo and google, which are actually not common to happen. I do not know what is going on with my pc. Before, it was fine. All I could remember before facing this problem, I did some registry cleaning, internet history cleaning, and also virus removal with vcleaner provided by grisoft.

Everytime I want to log on yahoo, it occassionally directs me to '' and sometimes directs to the error windows 'Can't find server.' the same thing with google, it directs me to and error page as well.
One thing that I can notice during the loading process is that, at the bottom left taskbar, where normally we can read the directory while computer is loading on sites, it runs 'opening ...' for a second, then changes to ' ... .net.' and this will result to the 'network solution' site ( This happens when I use IE (v. 6.0) as the browser.
-For the one which directs me to error page, before it happens, the taskbar says 'Windows/system32/svchost.dll/.....' I can't read all of it as it is pretty quick to disappear.

When I use Firefox (v., it always show 'try again' windows without directing me to other sites, like IE does.

At first I taught both browsers are down somehow, so I decided to try using others, Avant and Opera. But, same thing change!
Except in Avant Taskbar during loading process, I can read 'opening at' a few seconds later it shows error page.
FYI, is the incoming and outgoing mail server that I use in Ypops!, one program that allows me to get mails from yahoo into Microsoft Outlook program. Do they conflict somehow?
(I did totally stop Ypops process, and even try uninstalling Ypops!, but nothing happened)

Most people say that this is caused by some virus/spyware. I have tried scanning my pc using AVG 7.5 free edition, and also Kaspersky AV 6.0, but no virus detected. With Spyware Terminator 2.0 I also did not find any spyware in my pc. When I checked for problems with 'spybot search&destroy' there was one problem, which was 'Alexa Related (windows/web/related.htm)'. I checked it for fixing, but then problem persists, till now.

What should I do?

P.S. my signature:
Win Xp Pro 2002 SP1, Processor Intel Pentium 4
2.66 GHz CPU, 512 MB of Ram.
Browsers: IE 6.0, Firefox, Avant 2.0
AV: Kaspersky AV 6.0
Spyware: Spyware Terminator 2.0


Hi eagerJO, it does sound like your problem could be due to some sort of spyware/malware...While you've done a thorough job of scanning your computer with the various spyware/malware scanners, it's still entirely possible that something could still be hiding out in your particular anti-spyware/malware program is infallible...I would suggest reposting your question in the following forum:

They will probably want you download HighjackThis - a scanning tool that they can analyze for you and hopefully advise you further...This is the link to download it:

When you've run the scan save a logfile of the results and post it to the above mentioned forum...
Hope this helps and Good Luck!