Made a PayPal donation several days ago and am wondering at what point the adverts actually disappear?

Getting rid of the ads is not exactly the most important thing in my life but it would be nice to know that the money got through.

Come to think of it, I assumed the payment was automatically tied to my Daniweb membership but maybe this isn't the case. Should I have included a message with the payment to say "you know me as Airshow"?

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Open your Control Panel and go to Edit Options. Scroll down and see if you have the option to disable advertising.


> but it would be nice to know that the money got through

Hover over your avatar in any post you make and you should see a "sponsor" badge. Also, try accessing "Area 51" in community center after "clearing your cookies". If these two are as expected, then your payment has definitely gone through.


Yep I can see the sponsor badge when i hover over your avatar so I'm positive that your payment got through

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Thanks all.

I would never have found the setting, Crunchie.

Looks like I'm street legal and advert free for at least 6 months.

Airshow (Sponsor)

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