When I hit the BACK button on my browser after posting, the following sometimes happens:

- The posting window and the completed post appear multiple times as I keep hitting BACK.

- The browser closes and I am on the Windows Desktop.

I don't come to the page containing the list of topics (my intended destination). in the process.

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Daniweb uses a sprinkling of AJAX here and there and with AJAX the back button really loses its original meaning. Try navigating the site using the drop down list at the top rather than hitting back button multiple times.....


Regarding the crashing: perhaps you've discovered another bug in Internet Explorer? What version are you running?

And agreed with Sanjay; in fact on any website there should be no need to hit the back button. If there is, or it takes too long to get to a page you were previoulsy visited, then it's a bad website design. (The dropdown menus are actually an excellen feature on DaniWeb, and I applaud Dani for implementing them.)


Netscape 8.1.2

It also does it in Firefox. I haven't tried it in IE, because IE changes some settings I need set differently right now.

And when it does this, the BACK dropdown menu shows all identical entries in it. Normally the dropdown menu shows the different pages. The only time this happens on other sites is when I see the Microsoft ad with the bouncing ball in it.

Going back beyond the end of the BACK list shouldn't close the browser either. It should make the BACK arrow turn gray instead.

I am sick of code which changes the back button entries.

I consider websites and software which exhibit the following behaviors as "greedy":

- Opening pop-up windows
- Changing browser settings without asking permission
- Making it so you can't use the BACK button
- Making it so you can't leave a web page
- Saving unwanted files on the user's computer
- Putting malicious software on the user's computer
- Changing the user's file opening preferences without express permission
- Forcing you to watch an ad before you can do the intended action
- Changing settings on the user's cpmputerwithout express permission


I use the Back button in IE5 and FoxPro all the time and have never had a crash. I don't use dial-up either, so maybe that is the problem.


I am on DSL, so dial-up isn't the issue.

I think it was a "greedy" ad (the kind that doesn't want you to leave the page) being displayed in the ad section.

The ads are different now, and the effect is gone now. I think it was the Microsoft ad, which also caused similar troubles on other websites.


I noticed something else when it happened the last time. I now know it is significant.

The stop icon in the browser header was never replaced with the reload icon when this happened, indicating that the ad was either still downloading something, or somehow was pre-empting the browser.


It's gone again.

It appears only when the Microsoft ad with the bouncing ball is on the screen.

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