I personally think that the previous forum layout with the last posted forum thread's title being displayed on the main page with respective to their forums would be better and more convenient.

Anyway, it's just a feedback from me. :)
The site still looks as good as it used to be.

The problem with that was that it added an extra line of text to every forum. That nearly doubled the size of the forum index page. The reason it was removed was because I was getting complaints that the long forum index was overwhelming to new site visitors and with so many links everywhere and such a long index page, it got confusing what forums were available and where to post.

However, I will hear feedback and am still open to suggestions. I'm also willing to put it back if enough people say they used to read it and really miss that feature.

I used to read it and really miss that feature. :D

Noted. :) And being counted towards a running tally of members who missed it and members who like it better now. To add, one of the main reasons I thought it would be safe to remove it is because up until recently, most forums didn't include that information at all. (i.e. this forum uses vBulletin 3, which is only a few months old, and the feature wasn't included with vBulletin 2, which many forums used and many still do use).