As many of you may or may not be aware, today Google released a new search technology called "Google Instant". Here is a link to an info page about it:

It's only available on the most up-to-date browsers, such as Firefox 3, IE 8 and a couple others, so it may not work for you.

For those of you who have tried it, what do you think?

In my opinion, while I think it's interesting and will probably be very popular, I think it's just annoying. It kept trying to auto-complete what I was typing in the search box and not letting me type what I wanted. Auto-complete seems to be pretty good in most situations, but not when you're looking for something obscure. Thankfully, you have the option to turn it off and go back to the way it was before.

This is so awesome. Makes searching for porn faster.

I think its good, kind of different but I experienced absolutely no interference with what i was typing? sure it put up suggestions but i just kept typing if they weren't relevant. personally i did find myself using it a little too much like old google but its nice that you get your results faster (no screen refresh delay) overall i think its going to take time for people to adapt but will put google ahead in the search engine race once more.

They announced this on the TV News last night. I put it up as a news story but they moved it here. It was on one of the main 3 broadcast channels (NBC). They said that it would save people 3 seconds in their search. I had gotten tired of moving my cursor over to SEARCH and clicking it so I would just press ENTER.

As an example in my area channel 10 is NBC but I had forgotten that since many years ago NBC and CBS switched the numbers. So I went to do a Google search for it and typed "philadelphia channel 10". Now before I could type anything else or click ENTER it said in the search box "philadelphia channel 10 NBC". So that is awesome. It did save me time.

I did mention in my article a drawback for people who are offended by profanity. If you type in shitzu dog or shitake mushroom then after typing 4 letters you will get the search results for **** for a second. I do agree that they should allow people to have a choice to use it or not. Or as they say in that burger commercial "have it my way."

Interesting about the swear words...have you checked your search settings? I think if you have SafeSearch turned on it shouldn't display the swear words in search results....

I do not have SafeSearch turned on so people who do not like profanity should have that turned on.

Autocomplete is one of the worst features anyone has come up with - I can't bear machines that try to do my thinking for me. People finishing your sentences, that's bad enough, I won't put up with it from a machine.

But I betcha the marching morons will love it - now they don't even have to remember what it was they were trying to look up, because the computer will tell them. And that saves time, right?

They even remove the bottom search field, now you can't adjust your search once you reach the end of the page.