I've been trying to figure out these logic puzzles for ages but have not succeeded. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thanks, Josh.

Logic - 1

You have 100 gold coins and 2 bags.
You must put all coins to those 2 bags, and one bag must contain twice coins than another.
You can't brake, steal, melt, barter, change or do something like to those coins.
The only operation you can do with coins is to put coin to one or another bag.

Logic - 2

Please, divide twelve to two equal parts, and one part must be equal to seven.

Logic - 3

You have two ropes. You know that each will burn exactly in 60 minutes, but burn speed is not linear (for example one half of rope can burn in 2 minutes, the rest - in 58 mins). The ropes are not identical.
You need to measure 45 minutes using those ropes and any fire source (clock with integrated lighter - excluded).

Logic - 4

You have 10 marked bags with coins. You are short in time and bags are huge. You know, that in 9 bags all coins are true coins, and in one bag all coins are spurious.
The only way you can separate spurious coins from true one is weigh.
(You know, that true coin weigh is 10g and spurious coin weigh is 11g).

So you have tool... the electonic weighing-machine (with one scale).
And you can weight only one time.

Now explain me, how you will decide in which bag are false(spurious) coins.


Here are some pairs: animal - number:
cow - 3
sheep - 3
pig - 4
cat - 4
duck - 5
mouse - 6

snake - ?
cock - ?

Correct answer must include the numbers and explanation.

Good luck, Josh.

Damn those are hard...

For #1 & 2, i think it has somethin to do with how .9 repeated = 1

You know:

x=0.9 repeated (0.9999999....)
Therefore, 10x=9.9 repeated
<subtract x>
therefore, x=1

Logic - 1

Put 34 gold coins in one bag, and put 66 gold coins and two pennies in the other.

Or, put fifty coins in one bag, fifty in the other, and then put one bag inside the other.

Logic - 2

This doesn't count as a logic puzzle. Somebody's using some liberal twisting of words.

Logic - 3

Take one rope and tie it into a large round knot. Take the other rope and tie it around the knot so that you have a pendulum equal in length to your height (since that is a known measurement). Then use the length to compute the period of the pendulum, and use the pendulum to measure 45 minutes.

Or, you could light both ends of one rope -- it will burn up in 30 minutes. So light both ends of rope A and one end of rope B. When rope A burns up, light the other end of rope B, and you'll have 15 minutes left.

Logic - 4

You can weigh in groups.


snake - 6
cock - 4

Take the length of the word, then subtract three for every consecutive repeated letter, and give a +1 bonus for words that don't have the letter o.

Or you could give a general -3 penalty for any repeated letter -- then cock would have a score of 1.

Thanks alot for your help guys, you've finally enlightened me as to what the answers are :lol: I didn't know if anyone would get them. I also have some maths puzzles which I am yet to figure out. I'll post them in a new thread a see if anyone can get them.


*round of applause*

Boy, I sure do love smart people :)

I have a book of puzzles which I've being doing like since forever but these are the only one's which I can't do. I'd just like to finally get the answers :cheesy:

[QUOTE]Logic - 4

You can weigh in groups.[/QUOTE] I've just thought about this but the answers to short and I don't understand how you worked it out. Is it possible you could tell me how you worked it out in a bit more detail so I understand. Thanks, Josh.

Awwww cheater :confused:

Awwww cheater :confused:

So sue me. If you're not smart enuff to use google then you're not smart enough to solve mind benders. I'm smart, either way. ;)

Heh I like it.

Plus, I'm not the one to talk...there's a vast array of tests online that are the exact same ones in the classroom....all easily acessable thanks to Google :cheesy:

write twelve as XII thn cut it horizontally making one half as VII, which is 7.

If he hasn't worked out in the five years since he asked, then there's no help for him...