Actually am not a window fan,I use my companies laptop and its runs on windows, so I decided to. Install debian on it but it caused some problems and I have to switch it back to windows 7 ..but it is know saying that it is not geniue please guys I need a product key for window 7 professional thanks you

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Your company's IT department will have either an installation disk or a repair disk for your computer. The former requires a product key that the same department will have, though they'll probably ask to install it themselves rather than give it out to you. Since it's your company's property, I would strongly recommend talking to them about your need.

On a side note, asking for product keys to licensed software is illegal and against Daniweb's rules. We'll help direct you to getting a legit copy of Windows installed on your laptop, but we won't help you with anything that smells of piracy.

In the future, if you want to run Debian on a Window system then download and install VirtualBox. You can then install Debian or other Linux distributions in a virtual machine, avoiding the problems you incurred, and the wrath of your IT department. That's what I did at my last job since I had to do most of my development work on Linux, yet the company laptop had a security hardened Windows 7 installation with all the company cruft on it.

Check with your IT department before you download and install ANY software.

thanks guys i aprreciate it was my mistake i will accept it that way

My new company (Adobe) also issued security-hardened Windows laptops, and since most of my work is in Linux (again), I am running CentOS in a VM there as well. My previous employer was Nokia and all of my development work was performance engineering for Linux servers. Some of my current work is for WIndows servers, so I will probably install a Windows server VM as well so my work won't mung my laptop which has to be used for email, documentation, and all the other usual business cruft. The neat thing about virtual machines is that you can run more than one at a time so I can test cross-platform code and see how it behaves differently (or not) at the same time. I do think I need more memory to do that however! :-)

Dang! Just checked, and I already have the max RAM (8GB).

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