Is it just me or is there less people in the C++ and Java Forums now? When I signed up sometime 2008, it would be buzzing with activity and people would post heaps and receive answers quick, maybe in around 5 - 20 minutes, but I looked through the last post in the top few topics and each were like an hour from each other. D:

You are talking in minutes and hrs !

There are section which do not receive any new post in days sometimes for weeks.

I think there are definitely more C++ and Java people than there used to be. Definitely.

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That's because I graduated, got a job, and stopped posting in there.


edit: but I'm coming back now, in the java forum.

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That's because I graduated, got a job, and stopped posting in there.


I have noticed that it happens from time to time on different forums, members seems to come and go as time passes.;)

I think that's just the nature of online communities. People lose interest over time. Move on. Come back after awhile, etc. Things in people's lives change (career change to something they don't need DaniWeb for anymore, graduating school, lack of time, etc)

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Same with
scheduled group dinners
AA Meetings

IOW, that's how life works... :icon_wink:

AA Meetings

Yeah, I dropped out on my meetings because I found a better pub than the last one before the meetings.;)

Exactly my view, I don't want to quit....