Hi everyone,
I have been active on this forum, but I changed jobs and cannot receive my new password because I cannot get to my old email address, so I made a new account.

It seems DaniWeb has been standing still the last year. There are new frameworks for web development, and one is getting more popular than the other. For example: JSP is not the most desired Java webframework. I'd like to ask for new categories, and especially Wicket. Wicket has grown out of pubery and is now a good choice for a Java web application with very many features and an almost perfect AJAX integration. So could you add this category?

But there are more frameworks getting better and better, so maybe some reader of this post thinks "I miss Camel" or anything else. I'd say add it to this post, and let's make this forum a bit bigger.

The beauty of the DaniWeb redesign (DaniWeb 3.0 if you like) is that you can now post an article, be that a question, tutorial, code snippet or whatever, in the general forum category itself rather than just a specific forum. So the categories you are interested in could be covered by posting into Web Development and then using the tagging system to identify the specific framework concerned.

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WRT Web Development. I assumed that if you started a thread there that it would appear in all subforums. That's not the case. How many people browse the 'parent forum'? Is it there as a catch-all for stuff that doesn't fit neatly into a specific subforum?

How many people browse the 'parent forum'?

A lot :)

Is it there as a catch-all for stuff that doesn't fit neatly into a specific subforum?


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A lot :)

Really? Strange that there's not more threads there.Only 6 threads in the first 10 pages (300 threads). And with that only a handful of replies.

Not being critical, just wondering about the efficacy of parent forum posting.