Not sure if it's just me, but I've been experiencing a slow DaniWeb again. Posting a reply takes seconds to complete. Sometimes, loading new pages appears to halt. Other sites I've visited act normal. Happens both at work and at home.

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Also assuming server - getting delayed start page load.

**Mind you those social buttons are a royal pain - they take forever to load!

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Not just you, I was experiencing the same lag earlier with DW taking much longer than expected to post replies (this was mainly while sending PMs in my case) and then get back to my inbox.

[edit} seems to have improved, for me, over what it was an hour ago at least

Sometimes I click a menu and nothing happens for a long time. Other times I double post because I didn't think anything happened when I clicked the Submit button.

Same, I just thought it was going through a parsing engine before being uploaded which was the cause of the long wait...

This reminded me off a time when I was doing my work experience at the tax office. The guy that was mentoring me thought it would be funny to pull a joke on me. As I was data entering he said I better ask the pretty girl across the office for a 'long weight/wait' as it would help speed up my task. I looked at him funny because it sounded odd but he was quite insistent and kept a serious face.

Of course, when I went over to the girl and asked her for this mysterious object she told me someone was pulling my leg. Ah the wonders/stupidity of youth!

Still it wasn't quite as bad as the other guy he pranked. He told him to go down to the bottom floor and ask 'If Mulder has the x-files.' LOL

Back on topic...Previously this delay has caused me to double post. But now I wait a couple of minutes and then bam, my reply is there.

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same. I like this game. :)

Is this a serverside slowness or a javascript slowness everyone is experiencing?

Serverside = Page takes forever to contact the server and receive a response from the server
Javascript = Page half-loads and then the browser stalls before downloading the rest

I'm guessing server, it's more likely. Sometimes it takes long to actually start loading a page after clicking a link. That means a server response.

Posting a reply also takes long, most likely because the javascript post gets no response back, at least not as quickly as it used to. The reply gets posted, it just takes very long.

It's an educated guess. I cannot trace the issue here at work, otherwise I'd give you network times.

We're currently looking into switching from Apache to Nginx in the near future, so once that happens, we'll go from there. Right now, my hands are tied because my computer is apart and I'm in the midst of moving offices.

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Also assuming server - getting delayed start page load.

**Mind you those social buttons are a royal pain - they take forever to load!

I get the same lagging issues. I also think it is a server issue because if I click on a link to a forum and it lags, it will show the "Waiting for.." at the bottom corner of my browser (Chrome). I assume that this means it's the server that is slow to respond. The next time it happens, I will try to see which domain is lagging (, or one of the social media domains). But it doesn't look like a javascript problem because the display of the pages is fast, it's just that there is often an unusually long delay (several seconds) before it initiates the switch. At least, that's the behavior I've experienced so far.

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Hit a really bad patch about 20 minutes ago. Unusable.

Update: It just happened again, and this time I looked more closely at the browser's status, and lo and behold, it's "Waiting for" that hangs the longest, by far (like 10-20 seconds).

If it hangs, then it's possible it's Javascript initiated by

You can't use that to determine which it is.

If anyone has the ambition, if you could hit and put in at a slowtime moment, it will help me to review 'past occurances' as well as server performance metrics. From the server load side, I'm showing mostly idle, with 0% packetloss of the last 24 hours, so I'm needing a bit more info.

While it is lagging I pinged in a command prompt and got pretty quick responses.

@blud: how would that help? They load the page (without logging in) from their server, not from my location.

If I get the chance I'll take a sceenshot of Opera's network log.

If it's a server problem, it would be more than just your location, or account, and it will show up with that utility. If it's just your account, or your location, then it's network/code related, and while that's interesting to Dani, far less interesting to me :)

I'm also seeing something else strange. I check several forums regularly throughout the day. After browsing the threads of interest I always click on Mark Forum Read. And yet, in the forum I am seeing threads marked as New that were updated no more recently than 3 days ago.

Same thing with this forum and Microsoft Windows

Unfortunately I can't look into anything until I have access to an SVN server :( Waiting on James.

Back online. Didn't get any connection at all a while back, so disregard my email Dani.

Finally caught one. About 1 min wait after clicking a thread link.

Yes, that is definitely a serverside issue that is James' fault and not mine.