Sorry for the intermittent downtime over the past few days. We think we were being DDOS'ed, perhaps unclear.

However, we've upgraded to new web servers tonight, to bring HTTP/2 support and finally move from PHP 5.x to PHP 7. A few years late, I know.

Let me know if anything isn't working as it should!

Anything? How about the US Government (Congress), US Immigration, Climate Change and US Health Care system? Can you fix those too? ;)

I said let me know if anything isn’t working. I never said anything about being able to fix anything.

Thank you for your bug reports. They will be looked into.

commented: Nothing new broken. Seems as good as before. About climate change, that's all of us doing our part. +0

Testing IP Config

Today I noticed most if not all posts (only checked out 10) today report an IP of

At first I thought we had a spammer but now it looks like a bug.

Sorry about that. That was a bug from the migration we discovered late last night. Unfortunately, there were some serious repercussions as a result of it, where everyone who attempted to post yesterday was flagged as a spammer. It should be under control now.

commented: Thanks for the explanation. Otherwise I would think these folk were all spammers. +0