Hello fellow geeks. I'm a new guy here, my name is Randy and I'm pretty new to the IT arena, I've been teaching myself HTML, Java, PHP, and more recently, C++. I'm in the US Army, stationed in Germany. Right now I'm a military police investigator, but soon I will be changing my jobs to Information Technology Specialist, and I have started with my degree in Information and Computer Studies. I have HTML down pretty well, but the others are very iffy, PHP and C++ I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing with them lol, but, I have a really good memory and I am ok at self teaching, so heres hoping I can catch on soon.

Welcome to Daniweb Randy!

Hi Randy, welcome to the forum! Perhaps you should learn one language at a time so as not to confuse yourself over the syntax.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I decided to stick with C++ for the time being, I figured since its pretty much the foundation for most other programming languages, I might as well start with it. I got C++ A Beginner's Guide Second Edition by Herbert Schildt. It has helped me quite a bit surprisingly, and it was only 25 bucks. I also use some online tutorials, but I'm not sure which ones are best to go with.