Where a reoccurring vision within the imagination forming a succession of images, thoughts, surreal beauty, and a charming eminence in a series of motions is a Dreamlike Entertainment.

Dreamlike Entertainment(DE) is a small and upcoming developer in the game industry. We are excited and looking forward to the opportunity of sharing a game that will charm the imagination of the gamer and provide a timeless enjoyment of game play. We are a broad–based collaborative group of individuals with motivation to complete a great product.

We do not limit ourselves to one individualistic idea. Allowing the imagination of the gamer to be the only limitation to the game is our goal. We are unbound in the thoughts of the mind where possibilities of the imagination are endless. Here at Dreamlike Entertainment, we think differently than the next original idea.

Hi, I'm Patrick, Senior Vice President of Dreamlike Entertainment, LLC.

40 Years Old
Vancouver, Washington (People get confused... Across from Portland, Oregon)

Current project:
Developing a first person shooter for Dreamlike Entertainment, LLC.

That's great really great ..
I like that post , i like that name becoz I LIKE DREAMS ..
So you are a game developer , ok great ,
I love games and i want to be known as a great programmer and game developer.

But now i am researching in games and programs,

And Best Wishes with your game

will charm the imagination of the gamer and provide a timeless enjoyment of game play

i like your concept ]

Let us share something ....

Hi Vineeth,

Thank you for the compliments.

But, I have just one question for you... What would you like to share?


Just one question ??
But I have many !!
If you have no problem then i will ask you !! [ i will give you details ]
I think just start from starting a new post

You are more than welcome to start asking questions and hopefully I can answer them.

It's Really nice to have you here!:) My dear friend!
Have fun in exploring this community!