My name is San Alty. I'm from Kazakhstan (Africa). Oh, my Goodness! I don't know, don't speak and ofc don't write in English :), therefore sorry for my bad English...

Okay, I'm a student of 4th course. My specialty is "Computer science and software". Also my University passed accreditation, so I'm "future" euro Bachelor. It's great! :cool:

I think I have broken "Google Translate", so I finish my post :(

See you!

welcome to daniweb

Hi there San Alty,
Welcome to the daniweb community.

Hello, San.

Welcome to the Daniweb forums. We are glad you joined us.

These forums are a wonderful resource for people who want to learn about computers, programming, computer science, and much more. There is a good bunch of members here.

(Isn't Kazakhstan considered to be a part of Asia, not Africa? Hmmnn . . . but then I am not very good at geography.)

See you around the forums.