I'm a new member to the site and what I wish is to learn more about x86 assembly and C/C++

Welcome to DaniWeb. I'm sure you've come to the right place, and suggest you start by browsing the programming forums or searching for posts that are tagged with the languages you are interested in. If you have any specific questions then ask away, in the programming forum using the appropriate tags to ensure you get the help you are after. All the best in your learning endeavours...

I am new member on Daniweb. what can i learn from this community?

I don't know what kind of response you are expecting. Are we supposed to provide a list of all of the topics covered in the hundreds of thousands of posts? My suggestion is to browse the forum post headers and see. Aside from many very informative articles by our esteemed associate, happygeek, you will also find programming tutorials and code snippets. You will also find answers to questions regarding computer hardware and software whether commercial or home grown.

what can i learn from this community?

What Jim said, to which I would only add the zen-like "what is it you are looking for?"

And, of course, a big warm welcome to DaniWeb!