I know Gmail isn't as in high demand as it was earlier, but I would just like to inform everyone on how Gmail says how the invites are distrubted, they say that it is always random.
Also for those late comers (like me) who would like a Gmail accout http://isnoop.net/gmail/ usually has fairly decent supply of invites (which is how I got mine), if they don't have one today they may have a few tomorrow, but at the time of this post they currently have 368,678 (in just a few minutes it has gone up to 368,998) invites to give away, so enjoy! :cheesy:

PM me with your email address for an invitation.

P.S> since we have an assine 10 post requirement to get PM capabilities, here's my gmail addr: Nimbus.Software@gmail.com

I've got a hundred, see my signature for my email address since I'm tooo lazy to type it here... PLEASE, TAKE ONE! And don't PM me, I never check my PMs anyway.

I really want a gmail account. If anyone has an invite please help me out. Thanks.

Thanks everyone. I finally got one. Yes!!
program happiness
for d:=1 to 1000000000 do
writeln('I got a gmail account:)');

lol, I have 48 left... I actually gave one to someone who wanted the box....
I think that the invites is just a ploy to get everyone to use it because it is "exclusive".

I don't really use my gmail - it's extremely spammed for some reason. Is it the same for others?

I must in partial agree about the invites being a ploy to get everyone to use it.
And my Gmail account has not recived any spam at all.

Must have ended up giving it to a site which I might have wanted to give a real mail, and ended with it on a spamlist. I probably did that as I wasn't thinking of using it.

i have 50 gmail invites if anyone needs one still.

i have 50 gmail invites if anyone needs one still.

the same, might have 100, depends if both my accounts are filled with them.

i would gladly give them to anyone that needs.

you can try this. they have thousands of invites to give out. people send their invites, then people can ask for them, and it will be emailed to them. i already added 20 of my 50 or soo the spool service.

I have got around 50 invitation of gmail. if anyone needs pls hit me a mail with ur request to gn1983@gmail.com

I've got 48 gmail invites,PM for one.

I've got 40 gmail invites,PM for one.

lol google has saturated the market with so many invites almost no one wants them anymore...

how about this then..you can now use them with your pop3 account, so you dont have to log into the web, does that make anyone else want one?!?!?!

49 here, PM if you want one.

I have a couple dozen ivites. Just PM me with your email and I will give you as many as you want.

Does anyone have any left? If you do have an account that is, hehe.

I will trade a registered account at www.linspire.com

Products Included on Account:
- Linspire 4.5 Developers Installation CD
- LinspireLive! 4.5
- Linspire 4.5 Installation CD
- LinspireEspañol Installation CD

'BlackBox works fine for me.

i have 50 invites though. if you want can just msg mi

i have 10 gmail accts, if you want one please pm me
DO NOT email me as i will not respond to those, the reason beign as i want to reward the dani-webbers who have contributed to this site

so if you can't pm somebody, it's because you haven't contributed yet.

i have 49 gmail invitee left any one intrested just reply with ur email id

I have 50 invites if anyones interested

I have 100s of GMail invites available. Anybody interested?
I think it's time for google to open GMail direct registeration.


i do not think this topic is any more relevant as almost every1s got a gmail account now.
any 1 wanting invitations can pm me though.
i got loads of 'em

Yep. Everyone has tons of them. Well almost everyone. I'm ready to throw some to people who dont have any...