descriptions is how you spell it just for future reference

lol ok but u shouldn't be talkin cuz u misspell a lot of things too. u should practice what u preach lol

i know i am just joking around everybody takes things too seriously here.

hey ;) i was just jokin too, hence the phrase 'lol' :p

i gotta a new home page and halo 2 countdown its in flash(the countdown i mean) but u have to be in internet explorer to see the new home page! u should go its awesome

cool it good but there isn't much time left to halo2. I like how you changed the scrollbar colors is that some sort of script or just an html param.

its a html script i think. i could give it 2 u if u want. ONLY 1 MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I havnt even played it yet.. and it was delivered to my house at about 0730 on the 9th.
I guess I best get these home improvements done so I can get to the fun stuff. Special edition looks dandy in the plastic. Ha ha.. ugh.

matter of fact i think that if i dont play it Ill advertize the case only on ebay. maybe the book too. ill sell the plastic seperate. just because i can.

hey whats your xbconnect name i have an account there and use it every day almost mines HammyTheOne add me as buddy k

Ok whoever it was I'm not really happy about the negative rep you gave me for mentioning what you did was Illegal.

*cough* mikeandike

Only thing is i didnt get halo 2 illegaly because i dont have an xbox

does anyone here have xbox live?

Okay, guys...

Let's cut it out with the illegal nonsense. One more word about piracy and stealing of software, the thread is getting closed, and members are getting banned.

I'm not being a hardliner here, but we all know piracy is illegal, and discussing it here, even suggesting how to pirate/warez, is not allowed.

ok.....So does anybody here have xbox live :cheesy:

I have a friend here who has xbox live. I tend to boycott consoles myself.