I have a group of mpg files that WMP used to play. Sometime in the last few months it stopped doing this correctly. Ihave two problems:

1. Some files load and play sound, but the picture is a bunch of nondescript squares. If I let this run for about 20 seconds, it freezes the comuter. These use the CyberLink Video/SP Decoder

2. Other mpg files load with an error "Error Downloading Codecs." These play in spite of the error message. They use the MPEG Video Decoder.

All other mpgs play fine.

I'm using Windows XP Home, Service Pack 2.

My Current Computer System:
Aluminum ATX Window Case

400Watt ATX Power Supply

Motherboard: P4-865PE

Intel Pentium 4 Processor 2.4 GHz with 533 MHz Front side buss

256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM

256 MB PC2100 DDR RAM

Floppy Drive........... (A:/)

Maxtor 250 GB Hard Drive........... (C:/)

Maxtor 120 GB Hard Drive........... (D:/)

CD-RW Drive, 48x12x48, Internal Mad Dog JustLink........... (E:/)

TDK 4X DVD+R/+RW drive........... (F:/)

ATI 7000/64DVI 64MB AGP Graphics Card

Pinnacle Studio Movie Box & RCA adapter

3 Port Fire Wire card


download build 8, use which ever site (mirror) has the highest availability

I have downloaded the codec programs below, and ran the exe file. This should have installed them - it said it did. None of them made any difference in WMP prformance. I removed each one before installing the next.

I think I need to update my backup drive D:, and reformat my C: hard drive and start all over again. After all, WMP used to play all my files, now it doesn't, and I never had to install any special CODECs.

Got any suggestins before I do this?

Thanks for your inputs!

OOPS! I for got to list the files I downloaded and installed:





None of them worked.


I reloaded Windows XP and that didn't help.
So, I had everything backed up on my Slave drive D:, so, I reformatted my master drive C:, and reloaded everything from the ground up.

That fixed it, and I didn't lose much because I know what to back up to keep email messages, addresses, other file data and settings, etc.

Thank you for your interest, I appreciate it.


OOPS! I for got to list the files I downloaded and installed:

ffdshow-20050312[ .exe/"]www.free-codecs.com].exe




None of them worked.