Recently I bought a VCD and tried to play it on my computer with 32X LG CDROM. The video was playing without the sound. I tried to play the same VCD on a friends computer and it was playing all right with the sound. What could be the problem with my computer? Why is it not playing the sound. The problem is local to this particular VCD. Other VCDs are running on my computer.I am running a Celeron 2 GHz, 128 MB RAM and Windows 98 SE OS.

Thanks in advance.


do you know wat sound codec the vcd is using, if you dont have the sound codec you should downloaded it, considering it is a vcd meant to be played back like a dvd it is probably using ac3 codec.

I tried the ac3 codec. It is not working. I just noticed that the VCD has "Interactive Compact Disc" printed on it. Does this require some special software to run it?

windows media player should be able to play it fine, there are specially made players for vcds though that you could try.

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