Having recently installed XP Home on my PC I now find I cannot install daughter's original SIMS game although the Expansion Packs would seem to be OK- if the original Sims could be installed. I know it cannot as it relies on DOS but is there a patch, file, cheat or whatever to permit the installation, or are all the Exp packs now useless?
Thanks, Tez

The original Sims game requires administrator rights in order to run. Are you using a restricted user account on that system? If so, the game will not run within that environment. It has to be installed and run from an account with full administrator provileges.

hi yeah you my need to patch the game or try reinstalling the original sims but take off any expansion packs first

No it should work fine. Works fine for me on XP, just remember you have to run it as an admin.

Hi, I was wondering how I could patch the game to allow it to be run with out administrative rights. I keep my sisters computer locked down so she does not mess anything up considering she has had several viruses on the thing.

Your help would be greatly appreciated and will get her off my back,

Thanks again!
- Kevin

You cant really, its just because it was designed for DOS, not NT.
Most games need admin rights (generally because of copy protection)

You cant really, its just because it was designed for DOS, not NT.

Even Sims 2? Sorry for not specifying before. Also is there any word with Sims 3 - will it have this issue?

Thanks again,

Sims2 and Sims3 are designed for NT, but still require an administrator account due to the copy protection employed.

EA really needs to change that... It makes it impossible to deal with!

Well thank you for the help. I guess I'll try and find some sort of work around that I feel comfortable with.


Its because SecuRom and SafeDisc need to install and communicate with a kernel-level driver for thier anti-copy crapware

On my computer, I have the sims deluxed editon, and the sims unleashed expansion pack installed. When i click on it to go into it, it will go through all the loading, but right before it lets you start the game, it exits out, and closes. i've tried restarting it, i've tried uninstalling it, then re-installing it, nothing works.

Does anyone know what's wrong?

Are you an administrator?
What are your system specs?

Ive run Sims Deluxe on XP Sp2/Pentium 4/1gb ram/ATI x600 256mb with no problems

what's a administrator?

i have windows xp

If you are the only user on your computer, you will have an administrator account.

If not, you may have an account with limited privileges to install software, change system settings etc...

ya, it's a administrator account. I also have 2 other accounts on my computer, but they won't delete, and they don't work.