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grokster? Is that a file sharing program like Napster or Morpheus? I'm not sure ...

As far as using FTP, use an ftp program such as WS_FTP or, my favorite, SmartFTP (http://www.smartftp.com)

File sharing programs don't use standard FTP server/clients to transfer ... they use their proprietary ports ...


What do you mean FTP Files? You mean your files that are being served by your FTP Server? If that's your question then just look for an option that says "share files" under one of the Grokster Options... or something to that effect.

Be aware of the W32.Benjamin.Worm worm. I hear it's been going around lately in the Grokster/Kazaa network. Here's more info on it.


If you want to know how to setup an FTP Server and accessing other FTP Servers through an FTP Client, read this document that I made a while ago:


Hope this helps. Any other questions, feel free to post. Good luck! :)

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