Can you test my new program ?, short description below:

wrc is a small windows telnet server which provides capability of remote access to windows command-line. wrc is able to work either as a windows service or as a usual windows console application and can handle multiple connections simultaneously.
wrc works on Windows 2k/xp

usage: wrc [-p port] [-i] [-s] [-u] [-?]
-i install wrc as a windows service
-u uninstall wrc windows service
-p port specify port number, default port is 5125
-s run wrc as a console application
-? help


The following command installs wrc as a windows service on port 8888:
wrc -i -p 8888

now we have to start up our wrc windows service:
net start wrc

then we can make a connection, for example:
telnet 8888

you can download it from here: <snipped>

Thanks in advance !

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Lets see
- new poster (we've no idea who the hell you are, or what your intent is)
- posting an executable
- without the source code
- which opens up ports on your machine
- to allow remote access to your machine.


I don't have any bad intensions, what can I do to prove it ?

Post the source code, obviously.

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