So... Vista is good after all.

You'll know why after seeing this:

I hate those commercials. They're so cheap and if the people couldn't tell it was Vista when they used it they are dumber then they appear.

I think you totally missed the point. The whole point of the experiment was to target people who formed negative opinions about the OS before even seeing it in action. That's exactly what they did.

I completely understood the point, I just hate the commercials I have seen for the Mojave experiment and this provided the perfect place to rant about them :)

I think Mojave is Windows Vista with Service Pack 1, so maybe they've fixed a bunch of bugs from the initial release and they want a clean slate. They're making it sound as if what they were showing people was the same as what they originally released and I don't think it is. I'm a big believer in not buying ANY software till it's been out for a while and they've issued some fixes. Except for my laptop, where I was stuck with Vista due to lack of drivers, I'm still using XP. Maybe I'll switch to Vista when Service Pack 2 is released.

Maybe Mojave was really XP with a little Apple pizzazz thrown in.