hi! there everyone, im not really quite familiar in threadposting.since its my first time,ill try to post every detail i can, to find out any solution and gain any help from anyone who`s generous & considerably enough to help.and my problem goes like this; i bought an acer aspire 5710 laptop 5 months ago,with the 32 bit operating system under windows vista home premium.everything is quite good for 5 months,until one day,suddenly my pc automatically shutdown,and upon turning it on the ony thing that i saw in my screen is the microsoft corporation with lines to right,nothing else.i had tried and managed to put on safe mode once and restored ,but seems nothing happened.and failed upon attempting again to go to safemode during the second time,until now.when i go to safe mode it shows something about loading window files,but it just keep going,and it doesnt end.everytime i go to any of the safe mode.at the moment i can access to the part where (Repair Your Computer)part.where i can see the system recovery options,managed to login as well.and under the recovery tool when i choose the option startup repair.lines appears turning from left to right as if its scanning.but it just keep goin and goin,during the restore point i cant restore anything. ACER(C:) is ready to restore with checkmark,DATA(D:)without,and theres also another one that im not familiar with PQSERVICE(X:)and i dont know what it stands for without checkmark.when i press enter upon highlighting the ACER(C:)it says there`s an error i disk C.it says windows has detected file system corruption on Acer C.you must check disk errors before it can be restored.and upon going to the check disk error option as i press the start nothing is happening.i did even tried to download,burn and used the windows recovery disc under neosmart unsuccessfully.and upon going to the command prompt:something appears at the screen (Administrator x:\windows\system32\cmd.exe) and x:\windows\system32>_ not C:\ why? i hope you can help me to solve my problem.or give me any pointers,guide,info i could used.or just in case provide some steps,in order to save my files,or copy (to any cd,dvd,usb)before i put my pc for repair.could there be a possibility that i could used the command prompt to copy my files?esp.jpg.just in case here`s my email add.bill0631@gmail.com for any help.or post here.thank you so much in advance

Okay here's my two cents,

The command prompt since XP runs on top of windows. So that could possibly explain why it is not showing a drive letter at the command prompt, if Windows is corrupted.

To access your files I would try using a live CD and access the drive that way.

Good luck.

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