Dear Sir / Madam;
I have a dual-boot system ( Windows Vista and Windows XP ).
Last day I installed a new software called Rollback Pro. (
During Installing I got an error message and I can't install this software correctly and I tried to uninstall it on
my computer.
after reboot my system I can log-in to windows Vista because during start-up progress I saw a blue screen error for
a secound and computer reboot automatically.
I tried to log-in to my windows by Safe-mode , Last good configuration and other options but I got the same error.
I tried to use Windows Vista Installer DVD to fix this problem by using "Start-up Repair tools" but it could not be
abale to fix my computer.
Now I want to know how can I fix this problem because I have a lot of information on my Vista.
Is there any other option that I can fix my probelm.
I will be glad if you could help me as soon as possible.
By the way, during use windows Vista installtion DVD I got a message that told me go to this site for more information;
I hope someone could help me as soon as possible.
Best Wishes;

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Use the vista recovery mechanism.
reboot your computer and Boot loader will give otpion to repair startup stuffs and post back results :)

I tested it but I got blue screen yet.
How can I reinstall Vista witout loss my software on previous version ( over install ) ?

try a system restore.

you cannot re-install vista without losing everything if you can't boot into it (this is what the repair tool should do). since you have a dual-boot saving your data shouldn't be an issue though.

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