You, like thousands of others, may have installed vista on a machine with a gig or less of ram, and thought you made a good choice because microsoft's total care advisor may have said it will run smoothly. Well that is just wrong!! If your pc wasn't preloaded with vista, or your xp machine has less than 2gb of good speed ram, a 120gb+ hdd, and a dedicated video card, don't even bother waste your cash! I've done the same mistake once, and vista worked great on a 2005 one gig ram 250gig hdd great for two weeks, and stopped working then ( after the 14 day warranty expired). I was left with a slow piece of junk until i went back to xp mce and it sped up again. I had a 150.00 cd left useless it the cabinet. So what did i do? I sent that piece of junk back where it came from (best buy) (with lots or arguing, i managed to get by!). Then, i got an awesome laptop with two gigs of ram and dual 120 gig hdds, and it worked like a charm (and still is). So if your xp pc has 2gb+ ram, 120gb+5400rpm hdd, dedicated 128mb+ graphics card, then you can smoothly upgrade. Otherwise, stick with xp.

Here is an overview of ram and vista:
1gb vista= 256mb xp
2gb vista= 1gb xp
4gb vista= 3gb xp

I hope that helps you, and i'll post more helpful reviews.

P.S. Remember: if it ain't broke don't fix it!

vista can gain a 60% speed boost by tuning off unnecessary services, applying tweaks and using the classic theme. By this method its possible to get it running quite well on 512

vista doesnt slow down after two weeks your post is a load of crap ... if you installed vista and it worked fine then it wont change because 14 days went by it would change because you added new memory intensive programs or changed settings etc... vista will run fine on 1 gb of ram but is memory intensive so if you have the money then spend more if not just put up with it being a little slow!

this was just a quick tip for new vista subscribers, not pros like you. And most of us will have memory intensive programs, and that is posted up there for the average user. (written mainly for chris5126).

Well, i may be able to do that, but the 60% out there who aren't decently talented in pc skills may not know how to do that. I know how, but i know how it feels when you don't, so this post i have isn't for pros, or even intermidiate users, but thanks for your concern. Written mainly for jbennet)

yes i understand that but saying that vista will slow down after 14 days is just untrue, most vista users will never use memory intenisve programs and so will be classed as the average users so 1gb of ram will be more than adequate for thier needs. What applications do you class as memory intensive if its games then even with xp 1gb of memory would never be enough or if you talking about vmware or emulation programs then again 1gb wouldnt be enough on both vista and xp.

I would say i am far from a pro vista user and only use it for my every day needs, i have found that the more resources you throw at the vista the better it will perform (much like xp) but it will hapily run very quicky with any dual core processor and 1/2gb of ram

If you need a list of services to turn off to help speed up vista im sure jbennet or myself would be happy to help all you have to do is ask. Im not having a go but i just dont like people who slate software without using it properly or understanding it. I will never fully understand an operating system but it doesnt take much to google ways to make your system faster.

Help yourself with a little research get your facts straight and then make your statment and then you might have a chance of it making sense!! (instead of posting absolute rubbish) People are here to help just ask if your system is running slow then ask how we can help!

the 14 days comment was referring to MY PC ONLY!!! anyway, this post that i made is sort of a problem, so i may take it down and replace it. thanks for your insight.

This post is officially closed. I am NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY INCORRECT OR MISLEADING FACTS. Look for an updated one called "Vista Installation Nightmare"

to be fair though, vista is sluggish on 1gb if multiple IE tabs are open at the same time as WMP, for example - a common scenario for a home user

This post is officially closed.

What are you talking about? you do not have the power to close a thread...

What are you talking about? you do not have the power to close a thread...

yeah he can mark it solved because he made it duh

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