OMG, I hate Robert Half Tech. The will do just about anything to get you to show up at a position. My first IT position was a PHP dev/Server Admin position which was with a very small company that couldn't afford wonderful things like insurance and they even strained to pay me sometimes. Well smelling that the end was coming soon I started looking and one of the companies that contacted me was Robert Half Tech. The found me a couple of options, one of which was looking for more experience than I had but the other was very interested. I did 3 phone interviews with the company and two interviews with Robert Half Tech and everything looked very promising so I put in my notice at my current position and when the time came, I showed up at this new job. Simple php dev position with database design and business analyst type stuff, nothing I couldn't handle. After my first day they said that they didn't want me back because I smelled like cigarette smoke. So I became jobless at that point because my previous employer had already reallocated my salary and I never heard back from Robert Half Tech even though I called several times.

You know, there's a way to do things and a way not to do things and treating people like sales leads is not the way to do it.