I was a programmer for 4 years ending 12 years ago. Back then it was all procedural, not object oriented. Now I'm 45. On the other hand, I'm bright and motivated (and for what it's worth, I've got a Bachelor's degree in engineering from 20 years ago). If I work hard and learn what I need to, is there any way in hell I can break back into programming? No doom and gloom, no "happy crap", just what do you think, can it be done?

Definitely. You have experience. I'm in my mid 20's with about 4 1/2 years experience and find myself edged out sometimes by guys that are a little older, with more experience. Bright and motivated is the key, a lot of people just go to work, and yes some can code, but a lot can't code well.

If you primarily used c or c++ originally, then you will prob find yourself fairly accustomed to c#.

Whats your specialty?

beforehand, sorry for my english... :)
I'magree with dickersonka and just want to add, that the object oriented programming is more understandable, than procedural. With your expirience it means not a lot of work for learn it.
Thanks for your attention :)