I have learned QBasic and VBasic way back in school but never figured I be using it anytime. Of course they taught us only very basic codes. Well, years passes and I am in mood of writing some applications.

Well my very first application was a basic calculation application. Mainly used to input data provided by the game and calculate the values and display the result to help us decide our next step much faster than grinding on a normal calculator with complex formulas.
Helps my family greatly while I am still faster on calculator than using the application. Thankfully I remembered something about VB to able to write a code, design, debug and export.

Now my next version of this application is more complex. Hardly knowing anything about VB other than the very basic, especially with local database and its codes, so I figured I come here.


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The "Visual basic 2008 step by step" book by microsoft press is very good
Its aimed at prettymuch total beginners and is a nice primer

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